Ditch the Headphones – even for a few minutes

Walking along a woodland area at the weekend, I saw several people running or walking their dogs with headphones in their ears. Possibly the music was good and let them relax, or did it? How safe is it when someone is on their own and would they hear a bike coming from behind? About a... Continue Reading →


10 tips to be Stressing Less

More than a third say a colleague has complained about stress but didn’t receive employer support, while Health and Safety reps name stress as a major workplace hazard. Nearly half (44%) of UK workers know someone who has actually given up work due to stress, according to a new report. Stress is a normal part... Continue Reading →

Conflict at Work or at home

Conflict can arise at work or at home and the best thing to do is to resolve what the issue is and this is by listening to the other person’s viewpoint and then trying to negotiate and reaching a compromise. If you don’t compromise, whatever the issue is will get worse and could blow out... Continue Reading →

Quick way to relieve tension

This quick yoga stretch activity can be helpful for releasing muscle tension which can be as a result of a response to stress. 1. Stand relaxed, arms relaxed at your sides with your feet about a foot apart. 2. Look slightly up to the ceiling with your head back very slightly and hold for five seconds... Continue Reading →

Do you prioritise?

It is difficult to have a good work/life balance when we try to do too much at one time. You may be trying to be a good mother, father, brother, sister and to ensure that you are healthy both at work and at home, then it is good to prioritise. A great way not to get stressed... Continue Reading →

Why is stress rarely talked about at work?

It is being replaced by wellbeing, resilience and mental health as these appear to be a lot more ‘palatable’ for organisations. This means that it is up to the individual to be able to improve their own wellbeing by going to get their blood pressure checked or cholesterol check when an organisation has a health... Continue Reading →

Ways to boost your immune system

Having a well-balanced diet not only helps you to keep healthy but it also can help your immune system to be healthy. It is important to aim for 5 fruit and vegetables each day according to experts and can maximise the various immune boosting vitamins, fibre, mineral, antioxidants. A good way of is to make... Continue Reading →

10 tips to de-stress

Stress affects us all and it is often how we actually cope with it which can affect us most. Stress can affect our physical and psychological wellbeing and here are some tips to help reduce your stress. 1. Accept that you are feeling under excessive pressure which leads to stress and look at ways to... Continue Reading →

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