Older Adults Can Learn Ways to Improve Mental and Physical Health

 As we age, it becomes ever more important to prevent illness by doing what we can to stay healthy. The more preventative measures we can take, the better off we will be. Read below to find out different ways you can stay on top of your mental and physical health to lead your best life.


Many senior centers offer fitness and balance classes that are great ways to work on your health. However, it may not be practical to get to a center or gym every day. If you get a few basic items yourself, you can workout confidently and safely at home on days when it’s easier to stay in. Even if you have carpet, a yoga mat can give you support and protect your floor from sweat when you do groundwork or when you stretch. Light dumbbells are a great way to build muscle, which may reduce any symptoms of arthritis or even diabetes. The stronger you are, the more you may notice any recurring aches and pains receding. Balance work is just as important to reduce the likelihood of having a bad fall, and a yoga mat is perfect to practice on.

Helpful Tech Fitness Tools

Thankfully, technology becomes better and smarter with each passing year. If you need guidance when working out at home, YouTube has many exercise playlists specifically designed for seniors. Wearable devices like Fitbits can track your daily progress to see just how much exercise you’re getting. It can let you know when you have met any goals you assign yourself, and can aid you in keeping track of your nutrition.

Technology can also help your brain keep fit and stimulated. A basic tablet is cheaper and more portable than even a laptop, and there are many apps and online games out there that can keep your mind healthy. Fitness coupled with an active brain can lead to a longer, healthier life. There are numerous free options out there, so you can experiment until you find a brain teaser or game that you enjoy. You could even convince a friend to play an online game with you, so you can have fun together while exercising your mind.


A healthy body is a great start to keeping your mind sharp, and your emotions balanced. However, it takes more than a great exercise routine to keep your mental health thriving. One of the best ways to keep yourself fully healthy is to socialize often. If you have family nearby, visit as much as you can, and encourage them to do the same. While looking after grandchildren can be a fun way to bond with the little ones, don’t let your children make this your primary interaction with them.

Another fun way to keep in touch with loved ones is to go out with your friends. Make coffee dates, do your shopping together and invite them over for a meal. You can make it a weekly occurrence and alternate homes so no one gets too tired with hosting. If your family and friends are too far to make visiting frequently practical, rely on technology like FaceTime to make video calls. Try looking up your local senior center to see if they have any classes you might take to meet new people, and as a way to just get out of the house.

Staying healthy is more than just looking after your physical form. It requires you to take care of your mind and your soul as well. Build up your strength, keep your mind active, and make sure to spend time as often as you can with your loved ones. Each step will take you further up the ladder of good health and wellness.

Blog Guest Post from Beverly Nelson

Image Courtesy of Pixabay.com


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