Drinking Water Daily helps our bodies

Our body needs at least 6-8 glasses per day as experts say and this is to help reduce headaches and can help the immune system. Some experts dispute this and it is important to drink fluids such as tea and fruit juices. This is so important when it is hot outside and we can get dehydrated... Continue Reading →


12 Phases of Burnout

Burnout researched and published in the 1970s from the psychologist Herbert Freudenberger and then he and his colleague Gail North identified 12 stages that lead up to burnout. These twelve stages do not have to happen in order. Some people can experience them all whilst others may only experience some of them. These stages are... Continue Reading →

10 Tips to Reduce Stress at Work

Aim to meet regularly with your boss or your team on your progress and how you are getting on and any changes which may be required. Do an audit of your skills, what you enjoy doing, what motivates you and if there is something you could do within the organisation you work in or in... Continue Reading →

How can managers deal with workplace stress?

As well as an important legal obligation, risk management for workplace stress can be part of an organisational improvement strategy. For success with managing stress there needs to be an organisational and management commitment. Here are some points for managers to be mindful of: Be aware – be aware and observe your staff, noticing any... Continue Reading →

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