Gifts for Caregivers: A Guide to Giving Back

Guest blog by Beverly Nelson of It takes a special kind of person to dedicate his or her life to helping others. Many of us have caregivers in our lives that look after and tend to our loved ones. Caregivers put aside their own needs for the needs of others, so why not help them... Continue Reading →


Is work good for us?

Research has found there is clear evidence work is generally good for both our mental and physical health and wellbeing. When not working or out of work, this can lead to poor physical and mental health and this demonstrates that work can be a good therapy for us. Work is good for us and when... Continue Reading →

10 tips to be Stressing Less

More than a third say a colleague has complained about stress but didn’t receive employer support, while Health and Safety reps name stress as a major workplace hazard. Nearly half (44%) of UK workers know someone who has actually given up work due to stress, according to a new report. Stress is a normal part... Continue Reading →

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